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The Citizen Legal Advertising

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If you need to run a legal ad in the newspaper and you`re not sure what action to take, it`s important to make sure you understand that the purpose of a legal ad is to get people to take action and participate, not to get people to buy a product. For this reason, ads with legal notices can be slightly longer and therefore more expensive than a small ad of 4 lines. In many cases, it can be helpful to hire an advertising agency that specializes in this type of advertising to help you write and place these types of ads. (for all online advertisements except classified ads) In fact, for some time there have been laws that prescribe the need to place print ads in the newspaper. Laws have always established the need for information. Especially when it comes to community and government changes. It is necessary to share it with people in an easily accessible way. This helps to keep the general population informed about things that can affect them on different levels. By placing ads with legal notices in newspapers, the community can be informed of any changes that occur. They will also be informed on how to get involved in issues that may affect them at the local level. In addition, the call to action of a public or legal notice is also not the same as an advertisement selling a product or service. When you prepare to make a public announcement Consider that the intent of the ad is to get someone to take action or participate in a feature or to be alerted to a change, rather than trying to convince someone to buy the ad or respond to it directly. This can mean a longer ad than the typical four-line classified.

Learn more about publishing public and legal notices or writing a legal announcement. In addition to regular display advertising, paid advertising is: obituaries and birthdays under 50 years old. If you want to buy advertising space online, you can send an email at any time. Otherwise, we reproduce official records of arrests by law enforcement in Fayette County as accurately as possible. In doing so, we are acting in accordance with Georgian law and the legal doctrine known as „limited privilege.” Placing an ad in the newspaper doesn`t have to be a tedious process. If you need to place a printed ad in the newspaper and you`re wondering why you have to do all that tedious work for something you`re not sure anyone wants to read. You`ll be sure that public and legal newspaper announcements are actually a very old tradition of keeping the public informed about what is happening in your community. Deputy Editor Al Santangelo 203-680-9379 Breaking News Editor Mike Pignataro Sports Editor Dan Brechlin Sports Editor Sean Barker 203-789-5700 Lidia Ryan Editor Lidia Ryan Newsroom: Writing an ad with legal opinions for the newspaper follows many of the same rules as any other type of ad.

With one main difference. The difference between a public or legal notice and a regular classified ad is that the standard call to action that most ads use to encourage a reader to buy a service or product is not the same. The call to action for a legal or public announcement is to get them to get them to get involved. In this type of advertising, the purpose is to inform a person or to make him act. In some cases, the measure may consist of the presence of a person at a hearing. Or simply to be aware of a change in their community. Often, this information can mean that public or legal notices may be slightly longer than a standard 4-line sales ad. Fayette Publishing produces a website of local news and events for Fayette County, Georgia, We would be happy to discuss advertising opportunities with you. „Public announcements are one of the few regular, formal channels of communication between levels of government and citizens. Public announcement laws also regulate how the government communicates with citizens.

( ) Subscriber Services: For digital insider questions, delivery issues, vacation requests, or subscriber billing requests, contact customer service at 203-330-6270, For delivery requests, vacation requests, or subscriber billing requests, contact customer service at 1-888-969-0949, or Live representatives are available Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Back Copy requests: Visit us at Traffic: To start home delivery, call 800-805-2465 or click here to register online.

To place a classified ad, call 203-333-4151 or email For NIE requests, email Patty Passerelli. 8. YOU write what you want published. We will process them if necessary. A list of facts is not news. As little as a pdf âflyerâ of an upcoming event. Please send us your story.

Our mailing address is P.O. Drawer 1719, Fayetteville, GA 30214 New Haven Register Business Offices- 100 Gando Drive, New Haven, CT 06513 First, please email us. Email is the best way to get our attention, NOT phone calls. We have a small staff. Emails save everyone time and can be answered at any time of the day or night. Our work phones are not constantly monitored and usually go straight to voicemail. Emails are the best. Our long-standing policy is NOT to alter historical data if the above compelling reasons do not exist.

Here are our email addresses for tips and news, PR posts, sports, events, church and church announcements: 5. If you want to view the photo for online use, smaller file sizes are fine as long as the files are MORE than 100 kilobytes each (in jpg or png file formats). If you have multiple photos in large files, send each photo in a separate email. A good measure: keep the email file itself with all attachments smaller than 10 megabytes. In order for your information/photos to be printed online, please consider our needs and limitations by providing this information sent by email in printed form and on our website. Home > Blog> Place an ad in the footprint in the newspaper 10. For opinions, including letters to the editor, email In order for your letter to be posted, we need your address and telephone number during the day (which will not be published) and your place of residence (which will be posted). Your editorial submission is subject to treatment in terms of length, grammar, spelling, and general comprehension. Email address is required. No defamatory material will be published. Follow these steps to consider your unpaid information for publication in our online edition

2. Be careful with the file format used to send us your information. It is easier for us (read: more likely to be processed on time) if the information is contained as text in the body of the e-mail message. Use copy and paste from Word or your word processor. 6. Information sent in file formats such as PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets and „windat” email attachments is difficult for us to process usable text. Unless it`s something we specifically requested in this format, or if the information isn`t of the caliber of „Stop the presses!”, we`ll simply ignore these file formats. Routine press releases in these formats are removed. 3. It becomes more difficult for us to process your information if it is in a PDF or attachment. The simple formula is pdf = more steps for us. If it`s routine and in a format that`s hard to deal with, it falls to the bottom of our to-do list.

The Citizen publishes online reports of arrests in Fayette County. The information is provided to us by local law enforcement agencies and complies with the Georgian Open Records Law. Report a problem Our webmaster will take care of any problems you may have with this website (

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