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X-Press Legal Services Franchise

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Whatever your background, you can make an X-Press Legal Services franchise a success if you are a good communicator who embraces new technologies, can work independently, and pays close attention to detail. X-Press Legal was founded in 1998 by Lynne Lister, former editor of a leading British franchise magazine, and her husband Dave Lister, who has a background in financial services, and their son Christian. An X-Press franchise is low risk because research is fundamental to every sale, development, mortgage and repossession of property. They are required as part of any residential and commercial real estate transaction. X-Press franchisees benefit from regular and recurring business, regardless of the situation of the real estate market. Many of X-Press Legal Services` clients are lawyers, and franchisees are able to build lasting relationships with long-term clients who rely on them. Become a franchisee with leading real estate search companies We have choice areas available, and sometimes we have an established franchise for sale. An X-Press franchise gives you the freedom to be your own boss, as well as a wide range of support, training and advice in all areas of the business. Day in and day out, franchisees maintain relationships with legal clients and local boards, prepare accurate reports and implement their marketing strategy. Support is always available from headquarters.

Whatever your background, you can make an X-Press Legal Services franchise a success. If you`re looking for independence, a good work-life balance, and the opportunity to grow your own business while being part of a broad support network, the search for your ideal franchise opportunity may be over. UK presence: A network of 27 franchisees across England and Wales You don`t need to have legal experience to join major property search companies. You just need to be ambitious and tech-savvy and have excellent attention to detail. The day of an X-Press Legal franchisee is varied; Cooperation with legal clients, visit to municipal councils, preparation of reports with attention to detail and accuracy within a certain time frame. Franchisees will also have an effective marketing strategy that includes phone calls, meetings and professional seminars. Your request for additional information about this franchise has been successfully submitted. Almost exclusively, X-Press Legal Services` clients are lawyers, so franchisees are able to build lasting relationships with long-term clients who rely on them. A healthy business needs about 10 to 20 clients consisting of lawyers and carriers. To date, the majority of initial franchisees have signed for another period with four resales. There is an initial four-week training.

Training includes both classroom and field training and continues throughout the life of the franchise with refresher and continuing education and support. An X-Press Legal Services franchise is resilient to economic fluctuations and is a low-risk business that can be operated from home with modest overhead costs and ample room to become a larger, office-based organization. No legal training is required. The training certified by the Institute of Leadership Management is offered for the entire life of the company. Since founding X-Press Legal Services 22 years ago, the Lister, Lynne, Dave, Christian, Russell and Hannah family has built an extremely successful business headquartered in Warrington, with a network of 26 franchised offices. Proof of the success of the business model, more than 50% of X-Press franchisees have been part of the company since it became a franchise in 2005. X-Press Legal Services, the leading property research firm, recently became a member of the LegalTech Association for the UK (UKLTA) as the brand looks to collaborate to shape the future of providing legal services through technology. Lynne Lister, General Manager, comments on what makes a good franchisee: „It`s much easier than you think to own an X-Press Legal Services franchise. You don`t need any prior legal experience, as your clients will be the lawyers.

It is a low-risk business that can be easily operated from home with minimal overhead. X-Press Legal Services, the UK`s leading independent property research company, has announced a new partnership to prevent fraudulent transactions. Most of your work would focus on real estate sales, developments, mortgages and buybacks for residential and commercial markets. As a result, the real estate search industry is almost exclusively business-to-business and your client base consists primarily of lawyers. You will also have access to a wide range of additional products and services to enhance your business and the support you can provide. X-Press Legal Services, a leading franchise in real estate research, has received WorkBuzz`s 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award. X-Press Legal Services is a specialist franchise that provides lawyers and other estate agents with real estate research and reporting, which is an integral part of the UK property buying process. It is a family business that employs five key members of the Lister family, led by managing director Lynne Lister, who was editor of a UK franchise magazine for ten years, and her husband Dave from the financial services industry. The franchise was launched in 2005 and has a national network. Our existing network of franchisees comes from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and previous careers.

Therefore, we believe it is important to offer a little more training and support to ensure that they have all the skills necessary to succeed. We were founded in 2005 and have a network of 27 franchisees in England and Wales. The business can be run from home, for minimal overhead. Over time, franchisees may need to hire staff and an office base may be preferred. Some or all of this research is required as part of any residential and commercial real estate transaction to ensure that X-Press Legal Services franchisees conduct regular and recurring activities. The specialized research and reports prepared by X-Press Legal Services are an essential part of the transfer process. They are an integral part of real estate sales and developments, as well as mortgages and buyouts, so franchisees benefit from regular and recurring business regardless of the state of the real estate market. You may think you need to have legal experience, the good news is that you don`t! Become a franchisee with leading companies in real estate research.

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