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You Are Pure Gold Definition

13 grudnia 2022 0

But as she sat down, she thought of the egg the moon had given her; And when she broke it, a hen and twelve chickens ran out of pure gold, playing and then nestling under the old man`s wings to form the most beautiful spectacle in the world. Dummling was walking and cutting down the tree, and when he fell, there was a goose with pure gold feathers in its roots. When the clock struck twelve o`clock, he heard a rustling in the air, and a bird that was pure gold came to fly; And when he grabbed one of the apples with his beak, the gardener`s son jumped up and shot an arrow at it. I watched and had a great pleasure in watching, a precious but poignant pleasure; Pure gold, with a hint of torment of steel: such pleasure as thirsty man can feel, who knows that the well to which he crawled is poisoned, but always bends down and drinks divine drafts. Pure gold is 24 carats, while 18 karat gold contains 18/24 gold and a 6/24 alloy.

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