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Synonyms for Legal Validity

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When you test the validity of something, you see if it`s true. Are they really the best chocolate chip cookies in the world? You can test the validity of this statement. Some common synonyms for valid are persuasive, persuasive, well-founded, and meaningful. Although all of these words mean „to have such a force that forces serious attention and generally acceptance,” validly implies being supported by objective truth or generally accepted authority. The words narrative and valid are synonymous, but differ in their nuance. In particular, storytelling emphasizes an immediate and decisive effect that goes to the heart of a subject. While the synonyms sound and validity have a similar meaning, sound implies a basis for error-free thinking or solid foundations. The noun validity means authentic or genuine, but it also has a legal meaning: legal force. His family asked the judge to determine the validity of your grandfather`s will because they weren`t sure he would be allowed to leave all his material possessions to the „little green man of Mars.” Related words are the adjective „valid” and its antonym „invalid” as well as the verb „validate”. Nglish: Translation of validity for Spanish speakers The prosecutor`s convincing summary convinced the jury when a cheerful little song was dragged through the court. Although persuasive and valid words have much in common, convincing suggests an ability to overcome doubt, resistance, or reluctance. Although, in some cases, almost identical to valid, the conviction may emphasize either the weight of the strong arguments and evidence, or the clarity of presentation.

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