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Blood Moon Rules

4 października 2022 0

Thanks to the rule change in Ixalan, Blood Moon now works a little differently with replacement effects. Countries will now look to the future what they look like on the battlefield to see how they develop, including taking into account the Blood Moon effect (which can remove the earth`s replacement effect that affects how it enters the battlefield). This means that if the country has a replacement effect that affects the way it gets to the battlefield, Blood Moon removes that ability before it has a chance to apply. For example, Arcane Sanctum will enter the untapped battlefield with a blood moon on the battlefield, as Blood Moon removes the ability „Arcane Sanctum enters the typed battlefield” before entering the battlefield. Similarly, a Gruul Turf enters the untapped battlefield and you don`t have to return the land to your hand. Darksteel Garrison grants his equipped land the keyword Ability Indestructible. The earth will retain its indestructibility even if Blood Moon is on the battlefield, as this ability is not generated by the country`s rule text. Editor`s Note: This article was last updated on 29.05.2018 to reflect the changes to the XLN rules. If you prefer a visual representation of how Blood Moon works, think of it as a giant eraser that removes all land types and rule texts from a country, then rewrites the land type with Mountain and adds the following text „{TAP}: Add {R}” to the text box. It turns the country into mountains.

It does not contain the suffix „in addition to its other types”. Thus, all non-basics become what the rules say is a mountain that is. Darksteel Citadel retains the Artifact card type, but is no longer indestructible. Remember that the artifact is a type of map and Blood Moon only affects the type of land on a map. However, Blood Moon will remove his indestructible ability as it is a static ability generated from the rule text of the Darksteel Citadel. It`s surprising how a card with only four words in the rule text can be so confusing. That`s because these four words change the type of a card (and cause a lot of headaches in the process). If a non-core country has a capability that applies „when [that country] enters the battlefield” or causes it to hit the battlefield or counter-enter, the country will lose that capability before it applies.

This is a change from the previous rules. While Zoetic Cavern is a secret creature on the battlefield, he is a 2/2 vanilla creature and is not affected by Blood Moon as it is not the earth. Note that the effect of Blood Moon does not eliminate the abilities granted to a country by other effects (with the exception of copy effects): Finally, the most unusual effect of Blood Moon on Zoetic Cavern: Remember that countries affected by Blood Moon get a mana ability that makes them produce mana, even if they are not usually. The Lotus Vale decision states that if you do not sink the countries, it never comes into play when the omen hits the battlefield for the last time, it will have a timestamp later than the moon, so it outweighs the effect of the moon. Non-basic countries will have all basic land types, although the moon type adjustment effect means that non-basic countries will always lose their other abilities. If the moon has last arrived on the battlefield, then non-basic countries will only be mountains, they will not have other basic land types. Please note that Blood Moon`s ability works very differently from that of Urborg, Yawgmoth`s tomb and prismatic Omen. These maps create continuous effects that add a basic terrain type to an existing terrain type.

So how do you tell the difference between adding and replacing? If an effect uses the word becomes, replace the terrain type. If an effect indicates that the expression is used in addition, add the terrain type. If you set a country`s subtype to Mountain, other map types (such as Artifact or Creature) or Supertypes (Basic, Snow, or Legendary) that the map originally had are not added or removed. The name doesn`t change either. If the land of artifacts happens to be a Darksteel citadel, it won`t be indestructible either. The ability that makes the citadel indestructible will also be removed from Blood Moon, so the Citadel will be a destructible land of artifacts with the ability to tap for a red mana. I think you could run a small Dark Depths package in Blood Pod. Chuck in an hour full of promise, the scene and the exaltation of Thespian. It probably wouldn`t be good, but hey, maybe it`s worth a try.

2) All non-basic countries get the mountain land type and intrinsic mana capacity of the mountain (they exploit R). 1) A non-simple country loses all the capacity generated by its text and all the copying effects that affect the country. Windbrisk Heights` hiding place and static ability, which orders him to enter the battlefield, will not work. Gemstone Mine comes into play without a counter, but will only be able to produce red mana. You do not need to remove the meters from it, because it loses its own capacity and gains that of the mountain. Now that we`ve covered some of the basics of Blood Moon, let`s take a look at a few specific cases.

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