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The Legal 500 Gc Powerlist

2 grudnia 2022 0

After a brief introduction to The Legal 500 and sponsoring law firms, guests heard a keynote address by Jeff Bullwinkel, Deputy General Counsel and Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs for Asia Pacific and Japan at Microsoft. Mr. Bullwinkel commented on trust and integrity, focusing on internal opportunities to be leaders in this field and the challenges they face in the region. Joe Boswell, Head of GC Powerlist Series, The Legal 500 Joe Boswell has been part of The Legal 500`s editorial team specializing in the in-house legal community for over six years. Today, he leads the GC Credentials List team and serves as editor of more than 40 separate issues of the GC Credentials List series, which serves as The Legal 500`s flagship title to celebrate the world`s best in-house counsel. GC Power List Writer – Joe Boswell: Chief Counsel Private Sector Legal Service and Board Member | CAF – Development Bank of Latin America & CAF – Asset Management Uruguay The GC Credentials List is a series of publications, events and networking opportunities that showcase the most influential corporate lawyers and legal teams in today`s economy. In terms of exposure to foreign markets, Florida Still stands out for its leadership in Latin American business in the United States. As Lin Cherry, General Counsel and Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Wizeline, says, „There`s no better market than Florida if you want to target the Latin American market because lawyers there have an incredible talent pool. His statement is echoed by Ines Bahachille, Mondelez International`s vice president and chief counsel for Latin America, who not only notes that „Latin America is currently the best performing region for the company,” but also confirms that „having lived in Florida for the past 10 years, it`s a very convenient market to travel and enjoy diversity.” Daniel Antonio Perez Cirera Santacruz, director of legal, compliance and external affairs at Samsung Electronics Mexico, says his legal team has grown from 30% to 98% of digitally executed contracts. It was one of the great successes of the legal service, and I do not see things going back to what they were before. An important milestone for the company in Mexico is that general counsel of large companies have proven their ability to navigate their businesses through tough times due to their resilience and adaptability. In addition to discussing the issues mentioned, we ask that you also focus on three critical areas where our advocacy has a leading role and responsibility: rule of law, diversity and inclusion, and pro bono.

The state of global and national politics and democracy, as well as the unequal playing field and serious inequalities that exist in the distribution of wealth, opportunity and prosperity, impose on our advocacy the duty to actively promote initiatives that promote and strengthen the rule of law, create a level playing field and provide access to legal services and representation to those who have them. the most need. But they can`t afford it. A genuine and ongoing engagement of the legal profession to these concerns is transformative and a pillar of the development of our societies. „I strongly believe that the legal function should be an integral part of the business and not seen as contrary to what the company does,” – Rena Hozore Reiss, Marriott International. „The entire firm has benefited not only from the impartial and collegial expert legal advice, but also from the sense of common purpose that comes from a true partnership between in-house lawyers and their business clients,” – James E Ballowe Jr., E*Trade. Country Manager of | Legal, Compliance and AFC Corporate lawyers based at Germany Securities Florida are also convinced that a deeper understanding of their company`s business, not just legal procedures, is fundamental to their success and development. As stated by many General Counsel confirmed by Denisse Becerra, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at PayJoy, „An in-house legal team needs to develop its commercial expertise.

I believe that the success of any team is to be able to speak the same language as the company. No challenge seemed too difficult for lawyers in this case, as they focus on developing their role and maintaining the services they provide to their organizations. Some of the questions we asked the guides focused on the characteristics they felt were necessary for roles of this magnitude. Mariana Páez Robles Martínez, Senior General Counsel at American Tower, sums it up succinctly: „Overall, the biggest lesson of this period has been resilience and flexibility. These are qualities of paramount importance in an ever-changing and rapidly evolving industry that has solidified especially during this time. Another important topic has been the gradual introduction of technology into the daily tasks of in-house lawyers, making their work faster and more profitable. Gonzalo Garcia Lussardi, vice president and general counsel of Johnsons Controls for Latin America, is one of the many voices that have embraced technology to benefit his legal team and business partners: „I`m particularly interested in automation, machine learning tools, and AI because they simplify tasks, provide instant visibility, improve the quality of risk assessment, and empower in-house lawyers. Faster, better decisions for the business. It`s no secret that better processes and knowledge in all areas are decisive competitive advantages.

» Advisor – Legal Vice-President| Grupo Energía Bogotá Sales Manager – Gurpartap Basra: Since we launched our first GC power list in the United States, the series has grown stronger in countries ranging from Australia to Costa Rica and from South Africa to China. We interviewed tens of thousands of general counsel and showcased some of the best GCs and in-house teams from around the world. And now, in early 2019, we`re back in the United States. But what`s next for the largest legal market? GC Powerlist Southeast Asia 2022 highlights the best GCs and senior in-house counsel from across the region. After a thorough research process carried out over several months; The results will be officially presented on 7 October at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. We should be happy to have the opportunity to meet friends and colleagues to „talk shop” and share anecdotes and experiences in these complex times. What we experienced as a profession was not a „walk in the park”, and humility aside, lawyers deserve to bow to the resilience, adaptability and firmness we have shown since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. Overnight, we had to adapt to a whole new way of working while meeting the emerging and ever-changing needs of our customers and stakeholders. Almost three years have passed since the first lockdown and we are confident that the marks for the legal profession are high. You should all be proud of what you have accomplished leading your teams and supporting your various stakeholders in such turbulent and uncertain times. All of us in Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez congratulate you.

Quite impressively, most of the advocates for this respected publication pointed out that this was a time of innovation, largely due to the unprecedented issues related to the pandemic.

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